Monday, February 2, 2009

Jordan's Furniture

Hold on , I am going to blow a gasket. I will never buy another thing from Jordan's Furniture.

I bought a sectional couch from Jordan's in the summer of 05 by the time Thanksgiving of 05 came around. The couch was falling apart cushions were ripping, the rip cord for my armless recliner was fraying. I called Jordan's and they offered to replace my couch with a new one free of charge. We went in spoke with the sales person, we explained what we needed something durable we had and infant and a dog. The sales person suggested leather but it would not be an even exchange, the leather couch was about $1,000 more than the couch we already had. (which BTW was $2100.00.)
Plus I am not a huge fan of leather couches. So I asked for the next best durable thing, Microfiber.
Sold to the cranky lady with the infant strapped to her chest. So we order a new couch and it won't be in till January. Fine
So we go to the counter to fill out papaer work and BTW my new couch free of charge now is costing me an extra $300.00. Whatever I pay and and we go on our merry way.
Couch is delivered 8 weeks later and its fine life is normal in our house.

Now less than 1 year later we are having problems again (with the new couch), the cusions are falling apart at the seams, one of the sections won't stay together and the rip cord is fraying. Are you Fing kidding me. So we have a teach come out and assess the damamges and they order new cusion covers, fixes the section that won't stay together, and the stupid rip cord. The new cusion covers are supposed to come in about 4 weeks . 2 months later cusion covers are still not in and we have to re-order it will be another 4-6 weeks for covers. Finally after about 4 months and a few phone calls, the cusions finally come in.

Now we have my newest problem, the Fing rip cord on my armless chair ripped right out. Ummm we don't abuse the furniture although, that chair does get used a lot (its my chair), the couch is only 2 years old and the rip cord is only 1 year old. ( I work 5 days a week 8 -9 hours a day, I come home cook and clean up. How much do you think I actually get to sit down in it?)
Seriously WTF
I call again, and schedule an appointment the guy comes and says that he has to get the part. I have to call and make another appointment to have it installed. I make a new appointment (for today) I have my father in law waiting at the house from 9-12 to greet the rat bastard. Lo and behold the couch is still not fixed he didn't have the part. Seriously are you fing kidding me. Now I have to call make another appointment and have someone wait at my house till they get there again.

I wouldn't buy a stick of gum from Barry and what ever the long haired hippies names are ever again.
Sorry but I'm going to lose my fing mind on the next service rep that answers the phone....

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