Friday, January 30, 2009

Bento #1

I have been making Bento's for Munchkin since September. Munchkin is a very pickey eater. I've been making it more fun and she has been eating different things.
This particular Bento has a Flower shaped PB and stickey jam sandwich, cut up strawberries, bluberries, and blueberry star shaped fruit leather. Not shown, a cup of yogurt.

Superbowl 40 something ...

Well since the Patriots aren't in the Superbowl, I completly forget that it was even on this weekend.
Usually we have plans for it by now.
I guess since the Pats didn't even make it to playoffs and my Fantasy Football team sucked, football was not that enjoyable this year. (BTW I finished 2nd to last in Fantasy; it was awful)

So if I have to pick a team to root for, I'm jumping on the Cardinal's Bandwagon .. Kurt Warner all the way. Woot Woot

Go Cardinal's

Friday, January 23, 2009

I just added my blog to my Facebook.

If I ever write about you on my blog, please don't be mad but you probably did something stupid and funny. I will never use your name but you will know who you are :O)



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She locked herself in the car yesterday.

Yes folks, you heard right, my mom locked herself in the car.

So she was picking Munchkin up from preschool yesterday. While she was getting Munchinkin into her carseat. A Mom was trying to get into her child into the car next to her. So mom gets in the back seat and shuts the door. Well I have child locks on the back doors and now she is locked in the back seat.
"Hmmmmmm I wonder if I should open the window and unlock the door" (would have been my first thought)

Nope she climbs in the front seat. The mom in the car next to her .... "Do you need some help ?"
Mom "No thank you, I'm all set now "

Yes Folks its a true story.

Oh here is another good one. She picks me up from work yesterday. There is no gas in my car.
Me " Did you not notice that there was no gas in my car "
Mom "No, I was looking at the other gauge"
Me " The one with the oil can ?"
Mom "yeah I didn't know the difference"
Me "So the one with the E and F and the old fashioned gas pump on it didn't give it away?"
"the other one has and oil can on it?" (apparently her car doesn't run on gas it runs on oil ?)
Mom "Oh" "Well I just get in the car and drive it"
Me "what ??" So you don't put gas in the car ?
Mom "no Dad does ?"
OK Sometimes I wonder if we should buy her one of those Life Line thingies.... Help I've fallen and I can't get up. (since she doesn't have a cell phone)

Help "I'm stuck because I ran out of gas"......

I don't make these things up :O)

But I love her dearly and I will miss her when she leaves on Sunday. (what am I going to write about in my blog) LOL
We have had a really good time and I'm so thankful that she got to spend this much time with Munchkin.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It has snowed every weekend since the week before Christmas!

We just got another 18 inches of snow. I didn't take any pictures yesterday and If I take them today all you are going to see is the yellow dog pee and poop. Yes I let my dog poop in the front in the winter. Hey I am not wading through snow to put him on the run in the winter.

Note to Hubby:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mom is up visiting ...

Yeah, my mom has been here since Sunday and its been wonderful. I think she wants to stay another week and we would really love that. Especially Olivia she loves her Meme.

But I do have a few funny stories about her:

So driving, my mom has never lived in this area so she doesn't know it very well. So for her to navigate around she really needs a seeing eye dog. Not to mention the memory isn't what it used to be. LOL

1st day with my car she asked me if I have GPS, I said no but even if I did would you be able to program it? ummmm no LOL (she is very computer, cell phone, and electronics illiterate, but we love her)

So I let her take my cell phone.Call if you get lost and I'll to get you back on the right track (she tends to get lost a lot)
BTW I shake my head when I have to explain to her how to use it. (she does not have a cell phone either)

So the phone rings...

Mom:Ummmmmmm how do I get on 495
Daughter: Why are you getting on 495?
Mom: To go home
Daughter: Where are you?Are you still in Milford? (now I'm a little worried)
Mom: Yes McDonalds with the play place,
Daughter: Thinking to self (why the hell is she getting on the highway?)( Ohhh its the only way she knows) OK 495 North
Mom: Oh I already passed it ...
Daughter: so you are heading to Medway ?
Mom: no to Kohl's
Daughter: (what the hell) Ok stay on that road till you get to the church where I got married.(she works well with landmarks)
I give the rest of the directions and she ends up home after 1 more mistake.

This will be one of many of my Mother's driving incidents. Although in her defense she really doesn't know the area well.

OMG the T.V. you would have thought NASA created it (she is not the only one my father and mother in-law can't figure it out either)

Our TV is pretty easy, for the cable box to work the T.V needs to be on HDMI.
Turning it on and off, you don't need to turn the cable box off just the T.V. everyday I get a call I have this big black box on the T.V and I can't change the station.
Mom: There is a big black box in the middle of the T.V
Daughter: Is the T.V on HDMI ?
Mom: I think So ..... I can't change the station ..
Daughter: Are you using the correct remote ?
Mom: Oh No .. OK I fixed it.

So last night I gave her a tutorial on how to use my T.V at first she nodded her head and gave me a blank stare.
So I used a demonstration and I have not gotten a call today saying she broke my T.V.

Woo Hoo Score 1 for me :O)

God I love that woman, more funny stories to come.

OH Yeah she is really helping me potty train Olivia and she is doing a fabulous job !
I love you Mom

Monday, January 12, 2009

So NYE was pretty boring in my house. As you can tell by the pictures my party animals fell asleep by 8:30.

For our NYE party Olivia and I had snacky treats, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, veggie and dip and the famous cheesy poofs. She was dying for cheesy poofs all day. I think like once and hour.

Munchkin "mama can I have some cheesy poofs ?

Mama " No sweetie you have to wait till the party."

Munchkin "Can we have the party now ?"

Mama "After supper we will have a party"

Munchkin "I don't want supper can I have cheesy poofs?"

God she is smart ...