Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is 3 the New Terrible 2 ?

So think I 've heard that 3 is the new terrible 2. I am starting to believe that.. Munchkin can turn me into a screaming crazy lunatic in No time flat.

Saturday we are up nice and early, we are going to go to breakfast before Disney on Ice so we don't have to re-mortgage the house to buy food.

I start trying to get her dressed around 7:30 .... she is having no part of this. I get myself into the shower (usually she follows me into the shower) not today.
8:00 am she is still not dressed and I think she playing in the living room. I call her repeatedly, I start the count down if you don't get in here before I get to 3 we aren't going. I show her the outfit (brown dress with red hearts and cute red footless tights)
She doesn't want to wear that, she doesn't want to wear anything (she is enjoying being naked lately). I start trying to get her dressed she throws a mental fit screaming and crying (like I'm killing her) She kicks me and I lose it.... I start ranting like a crazy person (I may have dropped an F bomb or 2) and I walk away from her. Its now about 8:45 and I've had it.

I called my mommy to see if this was normal behavior . Apparently it is, she told me "to get used to it because she is going to act like this till she moves out". Thanks Mom

How much longer till she moves out ?

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