Friday, February 20, 2009

I hit a parked car, with the owner in it.

OK #1 I was not drinking or on my cell phone.

So I ran to Stop and Shop on lunch yesterday to grab something to eat. I was trying to pull into a parking space with my SUV and the car on my drivers side was parked on the line. So I back it up and pull forward I look to my right and I'm pretty sure I have that car cleared. I am looking on the left to make sure I clear the left front bumper. All of a sudden I hear scraaaatch and a small bang. "WTF ???? Shit" I look and yes I've hit the car on the right hand side instead.
The guy sitting in the car is like "what the fuck lady" (did I mention that the owner was sitting in the car, yup he was) So I get out of my car and I try to explain.

Me: Wow I'm wicked sorry, I thought I was clear on that side, I was watching the other side.
Pissed Guy in Station Wagon: Whatever, do you want to switch information
Me: Ummm OK
I drag out my info and hand it to him, her gives me his, I apologize again...
Pissed Guy in Station Wagon: Whatever, that's why they call them accidents. Hey you have commerce insurance too.
Me: Ummmm no I don't, I have Safety Insurance now, I have not gotten a new registration yet. Pissed Guy in Station Wagon: Looks at me even more pissed (thinking to himself "this lady is driving an unregistered un inssured car and hit me").
Me: Don't worry, I have insurance and my car is registered. (thinking to myself I fucking better)

I'm getting back into my car to leave, and he comes over to my car. Should I get your license number .... sure I grab my wallet its not there, fuck, fuck fuck ... I left it sitting on my desk with my credit card after I purchased something on-line.

Me: Ummm I don't have my license, its sitting on my desk at work.
Pissed Guy in Station Wagon: Look of death ... ( "what is fucking wrong with this lady")
Me: I have a license, its at work if you need the number call me. (this day sucks)

Damage done: My car: front bumper we traded a some paint and I have some big scratches.
His Car: front right quarter panel, big scratches, traded some paint and a dent. oops

This guy must have thought I was a total fricken loser.

Note- I do have insurance and I do have a license. I am pretty sure he is going to file a claim, he was kind of a dick for the amount of damage that I did. There was damage, but mostly cosmetic except for the dent.

My Hubby will never let me live it down.

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