Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idiot ... I mean Idol

So there isn't any talk around the water cooler where I work.
So don't really have anyone to talk to about Idol last night so I'm going to blog.

Why the hell did they keep that crazy biotch Tatiana.... OMG ! She had waaaaaaaay toooooo many awful runs while singing "I'm your baby tonight". Munchkin wanted to know why I was yelling at the T.V last night, "because sweetie this woman is bat shit crazy and the judges have just moved her on". WTF
You know they were second guessing themselves when they went in to the room, and was she begging and being all annoying. I hope she doesn't make much further, I would hate to have to vote her off (but I will). Another annoyance is Norman the weirdo can really sing but seriously I want to punch him in the face for that get up and how he acts !
He is getting on my last nerve too .... Just sing and look normal you fricken idot!

I have my favorites but I'm not getting attached till after next week .....

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Hey! We're going to the 11:00 show on Saturday too! There's really only pubs around the Garden. If you want to hike a little, Faneuil Hall is your best bet.

(I'm totally bringing snacks for the boyz in my purse.)