Thursday, November 20, 2008

So you know things are bad....

We went to the mall last night, the place was dead. I think I may have seen some tumble weed go by.

I worked retail for about 12 years and I really don't remember the mall being that dead in November. I really hope it picks up, I'll check it out in a few weeks and let you know.

BTW No picture with Santa last night either ... She told Santa from about 40 feet away what she wanted. (I don't think he heard her).

I'm sad I have no picture of Munchkin and Santa to hang on the fridge this year :O(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day In the Life of a Working Mom

This is my first post so , I'll tell you how my day started

6:00 AM Alarm goes off, 6:01 alarm still going off ... 6:02 kick husband he hits snooze.

6:12 Alarm goes off again, climb out of bed and into shower ........

6:26 Everyone is still sleeping ...... Come on wake up people. Now the craziness starts ...

I have to get myself, and Munchkin ready for school/work in about 45 minutes.

I try, to no avail to wake up Munchkin ... but Dog is awake needs to go to bathroom ...

So Dog is on run and still trying to wake up Munchkin, while Hubby is asking me what I need taken out to the car.

While getting Munchkin dressed while she is half asleep ......

Wifey-Ummm Backpack, Pocket Book, and Lunches .......

Hubby-"what backpack ?"

Wifey-"blue one hanging on the chair"

Hubby- "what lunch ?"

Wifey-"the only one in the fridge" (what are you stupid today)

Hubby-"what lunch bag do I put it in?"

Wifey-"The Cars one" (Is this the first fricken time you have done this, what is wrong with that man)

Hubby-"Where's your pocket book ????"

Wifey-" Are you kidding me ? Its hanging on the chair"

This was how my morning started ... I hope it gets better.