Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caught doing the deed.

This might be a little TMI but it was really funny.
Sunday, Mama went out for a bit and had a few cocktails and came home feeling a little frisky.
In the loudest whisper possible I wake up Hubby psssst "wanna fool around, (giggle giggle) meet you in the living room".
Now if you don't know me than you have no idea that, Munchkin and Dog spend most of there nights sprawled out in my king sized bed. So my love den has to be the living room floor, not that I even care at this point.

So we are fooling around like high schoolers on the living room floor. When we hear the pitter patter of little feet, "shit, she's coming and I think she's bringing the dog".

So we grab for the blankets and she comes in, "Mommy why don't you have a shirt on ?" "Ummmm I was hot , come on let's get you back to bed" I wrap a blanket around me and put her back to bed.
And meet Hubby back in the livingroom.

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