Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hypothetically ...

If I were to get rid of my dog do you think anyone would take him?

3 year old Fawn Boxer looking for a good home. Goes by the name Rocco or Pain in the Ass. Loves eating out of the trash when the rents are not home. He really loves to drag the trash onto the living room rug and couch. Houdini is able to escape from the house when the children stand at the door or some new visits and does not understand the rules. Begs like he has not eaten in a week, this is usually accompanied by drooling and drool bubbles on the side of his jowls. He farts and it smells really bad, I think its because he eats fricken garbage. UGGG

Loves to go for car rides and hang my head out the window and drools all over everything. On the windshield, passenger side window's front and back, and the dashboard.
Note: dog will only sit in the front seat, no matter what ! My dog and MIL have actually tried to share the seat and if you know her, this was pretty funny.

We are not looking to get rid of him, but my god I almost gave him away.
He got pissed because I went to Target and didn't take him with us. (Yes my dog acts out when we go out in the car and don't take him)
I come home to Olivia's American Girl doll, with out underpants and half undressed on the floor, accompanied by my camera case and a ravaged box of tissues.
I think it might be time to put him back in the crate.

But we love him !!

PS Did I mention that he ate something in tin foil and then puked tin foil up on my living room rug...

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