Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 questions

So since I lost my job last March , I hardly ever blog. You would think being home I would have the time but I don't however, you will find me on twitter or facebook. I don't have many followers but the few I do SORRY.
So today we are going to play 10 questions with munchkin...

1) what is your favorite movie ?
Ice age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs

2) what is your favorite toy ?
My stuffed dog Figaro

3) Why ?
Because I can feed him his bone

4) what is your favorite food ?
Rice krispies, mac and cheese, strawberries

5) who is your favorite person ?
Mommy, Anna, Kevin and Jordan

6) what do you think about having a baby sister?
I am very excited

7) what are you going to say when you finally get to see her?

8) what did you ask Santa for?
guitar, piano and other instruments

9)what was for favorite vacation?
the cape house

10) what do you like about winter?
everything in the snow

munchkin age 4

Thank You !

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