Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol ... Song Choice ??

OK so I am slightly obsessed with American Idol. Last night was not as bad as its been but it was still pretty bad ... The first 5 singers made me want to cover my ears (my dog even left the room).
What is wrong with those kids song choice is key ..... seriously could we pick a song from at least last year ???? Ugggg
You made it to the Top 36 people step it up ...
The only ones that didn't make me want to cringe last night were:
Lil Round's, Felicia, Kristen (and she is 3 kinds of crazy), Scott, and Jorge.

I think the 3 that are moving on will be Lil Rounds, Felicia and Scott.
I don't think we will be seeing much of Nathaniel and his head bands any time soon.
"Thank You Lord Almighty Jesus Christ"
That boy just isn't right .......

I'm pretty pumped to see what the Wild Card thing is all about though ..... hmmmm

"Was I the only person that noticed that during Nathaniel's performance "live" his nose ring was missing. But when they played it back at the end for the voting it was totally there ?"

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